About Us

Welcome to Nano Basmati Rice, a famous edible grain brand possessed by Mr. Amit Jain, and Mr. Vikas Jain, located in Karnal, Haryana, We commenced on a journey to determine the best and brightest status edible grain to consumers across India. With a obligation to condition and consumer delight, we have settled a forceful dealership network that allows us to supply our premium edible grain to all corner of India.

At Nano Basmati Rice, we take huge pride in our assurance to character, consumer delight, and novelty. Our up-to-date production abilities, tight control of product quality measures, and hard-working group of pros guarantee that each piece of edible grain that reaches our consumers is of the capital standard.

We painstakingly select the best and brightest basmati paddy from the fruitful fields of India, famous for allure singular perfume, long grains, and sensitive flavour to influence you a really singular edible grain happening.

Our accomplishment in the Indian advertise has more managed us to extend our reach everywhere. We are pleasing exporters of Nano Basmati Rice, transfering our premium edible grain to discriminating consumers in diversified nations.

Whether you are a home cook, a professional cook, or a edible grain participant, Nano Basmati Rice is the abbreviation of superiority and flavour. So, touch us on our search to produce the best and brightest edible grain output to your table, reveal the concentrate of Indian perennial aquatic grass at allure best.

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