Our Infrasturcture

Customer delight is our first arrangement. From the very primary stages of our journey we have forever trusted that our clients merit nothing inferior highest in rank. So it has existed a nonstop endeavor on our part to have as one’s goal superiority. Nano Basmati Rice Mills’ main production and dispose of ability is wonderfully situated at Taraori, Karnal. The clever district of plant guarantees immediate conveyance of accumulated paddy from particularly recognized group centers across paddy increasing belt of Northern India, accordingly underrating transportation damage
to the sensitive seed of edible grain.

The state-of-skill dispose of plants for edible grain result have completely automated complex prepare processes for various stages like de-damp, hotness reserved drying, cleansing, de-husk, de-beat, polishing, arranging and evaluating.

Facilities contain the very last in edible grain grinding electronics from M/s. Buhler of England, ‘Satake’ of Japan.

The complete beginning actions of refine, distance ranking, separators and de -husk are completed activity inside to guarantee the kind of the production expected until worldwide flags. The mill uses color sorter machines accompanying calculating located listening arrangement that admits connected to the internet following.

The total result competency of the mill is 1,00,000 M.T. done yearly and depository competency is 50,000 M.T.

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